Summer Daze [June Lune 2016]

Lune Series

On June 25, we hosted an array of artists as they shared their words, voice, and good cheer on a warm summer’s eve. Artists included: Beth Seongwan Fehrensen, Sherrie Howard, Joyce Russell, Lia Russell-Self, and Wes Elliot. Thank you so much for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you all at our next Lune!

Beth Seongwan Fehrensen on stage (Photo by Sherrie Howard)

Stage (Photo by Lia Russell-Self)

Joyce Russell sharing her poetry (Photo by Wes Elliot)

Beth Seongwan Fehrensen sharing her PFF (poetry fact fiction) (Photo by Wes Elliot)

Thank you all!! (Photo by Lia Russell-Self) 


A Night of Dance [June Lune 2015]

Lune Series

The July Lune was a wonderful Night of Dance featuring original pieces by Heather C. Meehan and company co-founders Lia Russell-Self & Wes Elliot, and it is Now Online!

———>   <———

(dances in order of appearance)

No Hesitation
Choreographer & Dancer: Heather C. Meehan
Song: So Good to Me
Artist: Chris Malinchak

Big Blue Beautiful
Choreographer & Dancer: Lia Russell-Self
Song: How Big How Blue How Beautiful
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Dedicated to Wendy Shifrin

. unbroken .
Choreographer & Dancer: Wes Elliot

Choreographers & Dancers: Wes Elliot, Lia Russell-Self, Heather C. Meehan
Screenshot of (un)Grounded
Artist Note: Based off of a sculpture seen at a concept art shop in Paris, (un)Grounded explores the ideas of freedom and complacency. For centuries, birds have been a symbol of freedom, an ideal that so many of us strive for throughout most of our lives. However, freedom is not free of flaws, something that can be difficult to see while searching. As three young people finding this in our own lives, the subject matter is something close to us. In this piece, we strive to explore both the great strengths of freedom as well as the forgotten beauty of limitations.

Alex & Lindsey [May Lune 2015]

Lune Series

The May Lune 2015 is online!

The scene Alex & Lindsey was written and directed by Co-Founder Lia Russell-Self. It starred Co-Founder Wes Elliot as Alex and Tessa Anderson as Lindsey. The scene deals with mature issues of peer pressure in youth culture and how that can quickly lead to much more intense themes: rape.

When Lindsey "encourages" Alex to blow a banana

Left to Right: Tessa Anderson as Lindsey, Wes Elliot as Alex

Artist’s Note: The original script had both Alex & Lindsey as thirteen-year-old girls. In my own upcoming, sex was a robust topic of discussion among my peers, all hormones but rarely facts. The goal was always to please your partner, often the female pleasing the male in a heterosexual coupling. When we decided to work on this scene, I was nervous about how people would react to such a scene. I thought that maybe my middle school experience was abnormal because what is the most talked about in general media was the opposite, the “cute” parts of preteenage years, such as first crushes and new breasts. This scene was not that. It was two fourteen-year-olds talking about how to give a blowjob without any of the smatterings of music to mask it and a no-holds-barred attitude to it all. Lindsey is not one to accept failure, but the way in which that manifests with Alex is a force that is often overlooked with women and girls. We sometimes fail to realize the perpetrators of our society’s expectations, including pressure to have sex and pleasing the masculine figures.

The only difference from the original script is the change of Alex’s gender, and that change adds a new layer while leaving the original message blatant and clear. Having a newly-out-queer, young boy trying to figure out his life among the pressures of what society wants him to be, it makes the scene completely different while remaining the same. We are still discussing the perpetrators of the norms of society, but setting it through the eyes of a newly-out-gay boy shows how we see same-sex relationships and who is supposed to do what based on appearance and demeanor.

In writing and directing this scene, I hoped to bring light to the problematic conversations that are often glossed over, and we all hope that you are inclined to look at this in your own surroundings.

Thank you,

Lia Russell-Self

Lune Series: What it is

Lune Series
The Lune Series

The Lune Series

The Lune Series (pronounced like “loon”, or you can be fancy and pronounce the “e”) is our a monthly installment series. With each moon (or month or whatever) we aim to produce a new piece of art. This piece will hopefully be showcased in a larger performance of either our own or other’s work. (We love working and collaborating with others!)

While all the Lunes will be part of the same series, they are not innately sequels to each other. The Lune Series was born out of a desire to constantly create. The connecting tissue between all Lune pieces and performances is the overarching theme that (performance) art is what we love and what we want to do. That spirit is what drives us through our days until we can dedicate our time to our art (which typically happens with the rising of the moon, come nightfall).