First Week of Rehearsals: DONE

Tiger & Typists

As we go into our second week of rehearsals, it’s crazy to think of all the things that have lead up to this show.

A project cultivated from rejection of preconceived journeys, these shows have begun blossoming into fruitful gardens of hard work, insightful rehearsals, and talented collaborators. Back in October, between day jobs, I read these plays on the floor of a used bookstore, unable to leave until I got to the end. I poured over the books generously, not even remembering that I had not come into the bookstore alone or that the bookstore even closed. Luckily, I have understanding friends and patient booksellers.

What I have loved most about Murray Schisgal’s writing is the absurdity of reality that he seems to capture so gracefully. When I first read The Typists, I kept thinking, “I know that feeling. I know that struggle. I know that and that and that…” At first glance, I was perplexed at the parallels these two plays, both published in 1963, resonated with me in 2017. Maybe it was the “right time, right place”; whatever it was, I am grateful for how it has infiltrated my life.

As we delve into the monotone office of The Typists and the dingy basement of The Tiger, I am honored to be in the room with such dedicated performers, Sarah-Winter Rose and Wes Elliot. This experience already has been one for the books. Even though it’s only been a week, we’ve already found ourselves swimming gallantly through the mind of Murray Schisgal.

I am so excited to share the world we, as an ensemble with the guidance of Schisgal, have already fallen in love with. Thank you to all of our supporters who have made this happen!

With love,